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NetObjects Fusion 2013 Product Update
RELEASE (version 13.00.0000.5580)

Download Update #5
Release Date: 04/29/2014


  • PHP property files for NOF components (e.g. guestbook, FAQ) resaved as UTF-8.
  • Fix for Online View update.
  • Fixed crash on Windows 8.x in XML DataSet dialog when selecting item in schema tree.
  • Fixed Javascript error when no NOF validators are used for a form.
  • Fixed inset issue when embedding image inside of a text object.
  • Fixed crash when reoptimizing a site that used a Flash nav.
  • CSS keyword 'auto' can now be entered for margin values. This was needed to support inset fix above.
  • Added new HTML5 Dynamic publish method (XHTML structure) which will push things down when using dynamic content.
  • Fixed crash in Windows 8 when switching from PageView’s code tab to another view.
  • For embedded code (i.e. Ctrl+T), publish using charset encoding of page.
  • Fixed duplicate CSS being written to layout region DIV and parent container DIV.
  • Fixed crash when viewing page with Paypal shopping cart in Preview tab.
  • Fixed components (e.g. guestbook) published text output being squashed (HTML5).
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar for Insert HTML dialog (i.e. Ctrl+T).
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar for Object HTML dialog (i.e. HTML… button).
  • Fixed Site Wizard creating duplicate IDs.
  • Fixed Flash plug-in for IE 11.
  • Fixed Text Format preview when IE 11 is installed.

The changes to the component encoding requires a manual update to save existing data. A step-by-step tutorial has been created, please click here to view.

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