How to upgrade to NetObjects Fusion 2013

Want to upgrade and take advantage of the powerful new features in NetObjects Fusion 2013? If you are already using NetObjects Fusion, making the jump couldn’t be easier!

The Upgrade Version of NetObjects Fusion 2013 will check to be sure that a previous Full Version of NetObjects Fusion is installed. If a previous version is not installed on your PC at the time of upgrading, be sure to have the serial number to your previous Full Version of NetObjects Fusion handy.

We've collected many common questions about upgrading below. If you have any questions or experience issues upgrading to NetObjects Fusion 2013, please contact our Support Center for further assistance.

FAQs about upgrading to NetObjects Fusion 2013

What versions of NetObjects Fusion can be upgraded to NetObjects Fusion 2013?
You can upgrade to NetObjects Fusion 2013 from any version of NetObjects Fusion! The NetObjects Fusion 2013 installer will automatically search for a previous version installed on your computer. If the installer does not find a previous version installed, you will be prompted for your previous version’s serial number.

I’m being prompted for a serial number during the upgrade. Why?
You must have a Full Version serial number, or have a previous Full Version of NetObjects Fusion already installed, to upgrade to NetObjects Fusion 2013.

Where can I find my serial number for a previous version of NetObjects Fusion?
Your NetObjects Fusion serial number is located on the CD sleeve shipped in the box, or is included in the order confirmation e-mail that you received from the NetObjects Online Store. If you have misplaced your serial number, please contact our Support Center.

How do I move my websites from my previous version of NetObjects Fusion to NetObjects Fusion 2013?
Moving your sites to NetObjects Fusion 2013 is easy. We've put together migration instructions that will help you make the move as effortless and trouble-free as possible. Click here to view them on YouTube.

Can I run NetObjects Fusion 2013 and previous versions on the same computer?
You can run NetObjects Fusion 2013 on the same computer as any previous version of NetObjects Fusion software.

I opened my site in NetObjects Fusion 2013 and now I can’t open it in an older version of NetObjects Fusion. Why?
NOD files opened with NetObjects Fusion 2013 will not be backward compatible with previous versions of NetObjects Fusion. We strongly recommend you make a backup copy, or Template, of all NOD files prior to opening them with version 2013. Creating a Template will ensure that you have the capability to open them with the previous version in the event you wish to do so. As a precaution, NetObjects Fusion 2013 will prompt you to save a copy of any .nod file that is opened directly.

Contact Support
To contact us directly, please visit our support portal.

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