NetObjects Fusion 15
Powerful Website Design Software

We proudly introduce the latest version of NetObjects Fusion: Go from concept to live site quickly and easily and with NO HTML coding. NetObjects Fusion 15 continues to lead the way in bringing the world of website design to the hands of everyone. With so many new and added features, it's no wonder NetObjects Fusion is still the smart way to build great sites.

powerful website design software - netobjects fusion

NetObjects Fusion 15 - Website Design Software

Introducing the latest version of NetObjects Fusion: Now anyone can create stunning Websites with absolutely no HTML coding. Add high impact video and audio, embed online apps like Google Maps, and keep track of your sites success with built in SEO tools.

HTML5 Video

HTML5 Audio


add html5 video with ease in netobjects fusion 2015

Drag-and-Drop videos onto your Web pages without code.
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include your podcasts or your bands demo without any coding in netobjects fusion 2015 website design software

Add audio into your website without the need for plug-ins.
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already using youtube, embed it with a few simple steps in netobjects fusion 2015

Embed YouTube videos directly into your Website.
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Vimeo Embed Component

Web Snippet Component

CSS3 Design Grid

embed your artistic work from vimeo in netobjects fusion 2015 website design software

Place videos from Vimeo to engage your community.
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unlimited web apps can be embedded, and edited within netobjects fusion 2015 in the new web snippet component

A dramatic improvement in pixel precision website design.
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work faster, not harder using the new css3 design grid in netobjects fusion 2015 web design software

Build Web sites, faster, with our custom CSS Framework.
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Enhanced Image Carousel

Enhanced CSS3 Support

Web Page Layouts

add captions and links to your image carousels in netobjects fusion 2015 website design software

Now Titles and Captions are available for individual images.
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awesome new features can be implemented into your sites with netobjects fusion 2015  website design software with enhanced css3

We've Improved on the initial implementation of CSS3.
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you will never have to design a page from scratch using the new web page templates in netobjects fusion 2015 website design software

Never stare at a completely blank page again.
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HTML5 Audio & Video

‚ÄčIntegrate HTML5 audio and video to your website with ease. Fusion 15 has simple to use tools to add your media without custom coding. There is no need for third-party plugins to install or manage. Your media will have a Flash fallback for visitors using out-of-date browsers.


deliver high quality video content from YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube & Vimeo

Delivering high-quality media content via your website is more important than ever. Embed from YouTube and Vimeo with purpose-built components in just a few mouse clicks. NetObjects handles the heavy lifting allowing you to control the content and messaging.


Web Snippet

The new Web Snippet component renders HTML and script output in the Page view. You no longer need to preview or publish your site to know the size of an embedded script. This improvement decreases your development time and allows you to focus on creating content.


efficient, powerful web design by using our new css3 grid system in netobjects fusion website design software

CSS3 Web Design Grid

Build better websites faster with our custom CSS Framework and Grid System. Visual aids in the Page View help you align content with consistency.  The use of gutters ensure pixel precise content alignment across your entire website design. Using a grid system promotes clarity and efficiency.


Image Carousels with links and captions

We've updated our Image Carousel to include links and captions. Captions relay important information about the image, product or message you are providing. Links within your Carousel funnel your site visitors to specific pages for further details. Apply these important updates to your existing Carousels or start a new one.



(mouse over)


Improved CSS3

CSS3 is the latest evolution of the Cascading Style Sheets language. Improving on our initial implementation, more customization options are now available. These include popular effects like gradients and animations. Apply these new elements and much more to now unlocked classes for Layout regions.


Quickly and Easily Build a Professional Quality Web Site with NetObjects

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