Configuring FormMail to work in NetObjects Fusion is a Perl5 CGI script which will take form information and send it in an email to a email address which you specify in your hidden fields. You can download it from - Matt's Script Archive.

Step 1: Download the script. Open this file using a text editor. Depending on your skill level, you can choose to edit the file live on the server or download it to your local machine, make changes and then reupload to the server.
If you are going to be editing the script on your local machine and then uploading the file -- be sure to use NotePad (or BBEdit on the Mac). DO NOT use WordPad or TeachText as it will make the file unreadable.

Step 2: Configure the file
   * Change the line which reads
       $mailprog = '/usr/lib/sendmail';
     so that the path in quotes matches the path to your ISP's "sendmail"
     program. Check with your ISP to determine the correct path
   * Change the line which reads
       @referers = ('','');
     So that your server is described in the field that currently has
     "", and your IP number is in the other field.
     Make sure to leave the single-quotes in place and the comman to
     separate the two fields.
   * Save the file as plain text
   * RENAME the to have a .cgi extension. So the file is now called

Step 3: Configure your NOF Site page
   * Set up your forms on the NOF page so that you have them in the order
     and appear as you wish. Make sure to name each field with a name
     you will recognize and remember
   * Create a Submit Button using the Button Tool (select the Form tool,
     then select the "Button" tool from the subpalette)
   * Set the CGI settings for this page
     - in the Layout Properties window, click on the "Settings" button
       next to the "Layout Area is a Form" checkbox.
     - click in the "Action" field
     - click in the "Action" field
     - type in the full URL to your the FormMail.cgi file in the CGI directory
       Check with your ISP as to where you need to upload the file
   * Create a hidden field called "Recipient"
     - In the "Form Settings" window, click on the "Hidden Fields" button
     - click on the "+" button
     - type in "recipient" in the "Name" field
     - type in the email address you wish the form information
       to be sent to in the "Value" field
     - Click on "OK"      

Step 3: Publish the site

That should do it.

This is only a brief overview of using the FormMail script - there are several powerful features of this script which are explained in detail in the "README" file for the script. Any questions specifically about the script should be forwarded to the script's writer.

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