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Here's what reviewers are saying about NetObjects Fusion.
Internet Magazine, September 2001
Internet Magazine“If you're a small business looking to establish an online presence for less than Ł500 (an arbitrary figure, we hasten to add), the easy life has just arrived with go-faster stripes, a deckchair and some beer on ice.” NetObjects Fusion MX is “...your saving grace, your guardian angel, and your favourite stiff drink all rolled in to one.” (Print)

PCPlus, September 2001
PCPlusPCPlus magazine finds NetObjects Fusion MX is the “Best Value” compared to FrontPage 2000 and other leading software: “So, if you´re starting out in web design, or you have a few sites already under your belt, this is one program you can grow into and not out of, which offers good performance for a great price.”

PC Advisor, August 2001
PC Advisor“For newcomers ... seeking to create a professional-looking and easily updatable website quickly, Fusion MX is more cost-effective than ever before.”

PC Answers, August 2001
PC AnswersTop honours—PC Answers magazine gives NetObjects Fusion MX its Platinum Award: “Very easy to use...Extended functionality...Great thrid-party services.” (Print)

Computer Buyer, June 2001
Computer BuyerComputer Buyer Recommended: “The real ace up NetObjects sleeve is its interface, which is absolutely excellent. With this in mind, Fusion MX is a great piece of software if you're looking to make designing your new Web site as hassle-free as possible.”

WinPlanet, June 2001
WinPlanetWinPlanet gives
NetObjects Fusion MX five stars: “NetObjects Fusion MX is by far the quickest Web development tool that we have ever tested...With the cost, ease of use and ability for a novice to complete a great site in a very short time—MX is our pick!”

Success, June 17, 2001
SuccessOnline.comSuccess Magazine calls NetObjects Fusion MX “... one of the most refined and powerful website tools on the market...the Rolls Royce of website development tools...Fusion MX provides extraordinary bang for the buck.”

ComputerActive, June 14, 2001
Computer Active
ComputerActive magazine says “Buy It!”: NetObjects Fusion MX is a “reasonably priced, great product—why aren't they all like this?” (Print)

Computer Shopper, June 8, 2001
Computer ShopperNetObjects Fusion MX named a “ZDNet Best Buy.” ComputerShopper compared NetObjects Fusion MX to five other Web authoring programs, and found that NetObjects Fusion MX is “best suited for setting up and maintaining complex hierarchical page structures....Given its polished interface, attractive styles, and strong site-management capabilities, NetObjects Fusion MX is an unusually fine bargain.”

Intranet Journal, June 4 , 2001
Intranet Journal“Fusion is meant for, and seems a perfect fit for, small businesses that don't have the money to hire Web professionals or the time to learn complex programs in-house.”

eWeek, May 4, 2001
eWeekNetObjects Fusion MX “provides small organizations with a quick path to the Web via fully templated sites and pages.”

St. Petersburg Times Online, June 4, 2001
St. Petersburg Times Online
Fusion is ideally suited for the HTML novice.”

Wow Web Designs, May 2001
Wow Web Designs“NetObjects Fusion MX is a powerful and easy-to-use web authoring tool that                          comes with excellent documentation.”

CNET, March 28, 2001
CNET“ Do-it-yourselfers can be up and running on the Web quickly and painlessly with highly customized pages that have sound design and high-end, professional Web effects.”

Stroud's Reviews, March 26, 2001
Stroud's Reviews"NetObjects Fusion is another tool that has followed this path of progression and has perhaps advanced farther than any editor of its kind. Much like Hot Dog Professional, NetObjects Fusion is an advanced HTML editor that has a history of positioning itself at the forefront of HTML design and innovation."

Stroud´s CWSApps, March 26, 2001
Stroud's CWSApps“A professional editor that excels at creating awesome dynamic Web sites.”

Internet Product Watch, March 12, 2001
ipwlogo“The latest release of NetObjects Fusion, entitled NetObjects Fusion MX, includes integrated services available to Internet connected developers from directly within the development environment.”

CRM Daily dot Com, March 12, 2001
crmdailyNetObjects Fusion MX will “`make it easier and more affordable for small businesses to do business online,´ said Tim Mattox, vice president and general manager for DellHost. He added that the bundling of tools benefits `many of our customers who want a complete online solution from one source instead of dealing with multiple companies.´”, March 12, 2001
“I've been using Microsoft Frontpage for about 2 years now to build What you don't know can hurt you. I wish I would have built my site with NetObjects Fusion.”, March 7, 2001
ibizNewsletters.comeFuse Newsletter: “I can honestly say I've never come across anything quite like The FuseLetter, a free biweekly email newsletter `...that helps you build a better website´.”

PC Magazine, March 6, 2001
pcMagazine“Top Sites 100—
PC Labs Tests the Best of the Web”, February 3, 2001
Suite101.comNetObjects Fusion chosen over Dreamweaver and others: “I have no better recommendation...”

Morning Report, November 30, 2000 Morning Report“Small businesses account for about half of the US economy, but less than one percent of online businesses. But this is expected to change soon. And NetObjects has the complete software to make this happen.”

ISP World, September 19, 2000
ISPWorld"The latest release of NetObjects Fusion might be described as a 'design studio in a box.' And while Fusion 5.0 is geared toward the 'proficient software user,' beginners who don't need shopping carts or database integration can easily build web sites with no more effort than it takes to create a newsletter in Microsoft Publisher."

InternetNews, July 5, 2000
“We can accomplish our goal with a powerful combination of DellHost's customer focus and NetObjects leading Web technology,” Samir Arora said. “This agreement marks an important occasion as we work with partners to create innovative distribution methods that make productive Web solutions readily available to the more than 18 million small businesses.”, June 30, 2000
In a distribution deal similar to the one NetObjects inked with IBM in May, the software company struck a deal with Dell Computer to offer the Web site design maker´s Fusion software on Dell's computers.

CNET, June 29, 2000
“We’ve been working a long time on this,” said NetObjects chief executive Samir Arora. “This is probably the most significant deal NetObjects has ever done.”

BusinessWeek, June 26, 2000
NetObjects Fusion 5.0 for Windows turned out to be the perfect program for anyone who wants to design a businesslike Web site without hiring expensive talent or investing a huge amount of time in learning how to use a fancy program.”

BusinessWeek, June 16, 2000
FrontPage is a perfectly good product, but it´s far from best of breed. Although it offers capabilities very similar to those of NetObjects Fusion 5.0, I found it much less intuitive and considerably more difficult to use.”

Computer Shopper, June 7, 2000
“NetObjects Fusion 5.0's greatest strength is its ability to design the overall Web site, not individual pages. The tools provided for working from a top-down view on intricate sites are the best of the lot. Fusion has an excellent interface for adding large numbers of pages in one fell swoop, and then adding the content later.”

PC Magazine, May 16, 2000
Improvements such as the ability to view and edit code, better support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and advice on everything from planning to promoting your site make NetObjects Fusion 5.0 ($300 street) the Web site editor of choice for home and small-business users.”

INTERNETWEEK, April 17, 2000
“Fusion's site management is some of the best in the business, with no-hassle internal and external link-checking.”

Webmaster Techniques Magazine, April 8, 2000
NetObjects Fusion has always been about making great Websites without a lot of hassle so that you can spend more time delivering content versus programming HTML.

WebTechniques, April 2000
NetObjects Fusion ships with an extensive, well-written paper manual that provides you with a good jump-start into the product, covers all the features in great detail, and offers several useful tips for getting the most out of the product.”

Government Computer News, March 20, 2000
“We set up internal sites for different DOD organizations to advertise their organizational functions and events on the intranet,” a Defense Department Webmaster said.

Five Star Review, March 2000
One of the best and most powerful programs for building and maintaining dynamic web-sites.”

The Charleston Daily News, February 10, 2000
If you're looking to establish a professional online presence for your small business, then NetObjects Fusion 5.0 (NetObjects/Win/$299) is just for you.”

Inter@ctive Week, February 9, 2000
XHTML: Programming The Net's Next Step
No one has really asked for XML, yet. They just want to know that we are working on it and will be ready when they ask for it,” says Brook Stein, product manager for NetObjects Fusion.

SoftPile, February 1, 2000
“NetObjects Fusion is an excellent, award-winning tool for site management, dynamic Web page creation, and data publishing.”

WinPlanet, February 2000
NetObjects 5.0 Is Bringing In The New Millenium With A Bang! 5 Stars across the board!”

iBoost, February, 2000
“I found NetObjects Fusion 5 to be the perfect tool for the novice.”

Digit, February 2000
“Ease of use, flexibility and powerful new features make Fusion a great choice for those who need to get a Web site up and running in a hurry.”

Aztec IT Training, February 2000
For those “who want a quick and easy way to create good-looking pages, especially for a corporate intranet, Fusion has much to recommend it.”

PC Week, January 24, 2000
HTML authoring improves on three fronts. Latest applications further integrates WYSIWYG and source level editing.”

PC Magazine, January 21, 2000
“The new version of Fusion has improved features for building entire web sites.”

Intranet Design Magazine, January 2000
A strong Web builder is now a total Web solution
Always a favorite of those who want precise pixel-level control over pages, NetObjects Fusion 5.0 should satisfy its faithful and bring in new users as well. It's a strong contender for those who want eye-pleasing pages but don't want to worry about knowing code.”

WebTechniques, January 2000
Fusion Beats Confusion
“Another new feature that helps businesses create snazzy sites without going to Web-design grad school is the navigation-bar generator.”

Cnet, December 7, 1999
Overall, the latest version of this popular Web building software has a concentrated focus on productivity and ease of use for small businesses that need to build a Web site but don't have full-time builders.”, December 7, 1999
Fusion 5.0 should reinforce Fusion's standing as a fantastic Web-development application for both novices and experienced Web jockeys.”

InformationWeek, December 06, 1999
Fusion 5.0 is easier to use than its predecessor,” says Howard Prince, a partner at Lunar Concepts, a multimedia design firm in West Orange, N.J.

PC World Online, December 7, 1999
Between the site resources and software tools, NetObjects covers the basics for a would-be online business.”

PC Week Online, December 6, 1999
Internal HTML editor in Fusion 5.0 will make the upgrade more appealing to advanced Web developers.”

PC Magazine, December 3, 1999
“NetObjects Fusion 4.0 has made its Web page design tools even easier to use and more powerful.”

Entrepreneur Magazine, November 10, 1999
Fusion has tremendous power

Cyber News & Reviews, November 1999
I completely redesigned my column page in my test of one of the NetObjects Fusion, and it was easy as pie.” Web Developer News, September 24, 1999
O'Reilly Adds Chat to NetObjects Fusion

Dow Jones, September 9, 1999
NetObjects Gets Boost From Web-Hosting Pact With Concentric

WebAttack, August 1999
Five out of five stars
“A high quality professional software package that covers every aspect of designing and publishing a top notch business web site.”

The Internet Eye, August 1999
“NetObjects Fusion comes packed with software, some free to use, others you'll need to try and buy. For a complete web site solution, NetObjects Fusion is one of the best packages around.”, August 1999
“NetObjects Fusion was, in short, a pleasant surprise in a crowded field of contenders.”

Smart Reseller, August 15, 1999
All and all, Fusion is a great package for the new web professional who still wants the comforts of templates, wizards and a crisp, but friendly interface.”

Federal Computer Week, June 28, 1999
NetObjects Fusion 4.0 is one of the easier-to-use Web publishing tools tested in this review. New users can get up to speed in a short time building useful and aesthetically pleasing sites.”

PC Computing, June 14, 1999
Web Site Cheat Sheets
“Four Stars— Build professional-looking sites without a design degree.”

PC Magazine, June 8, 1999
NetObjects Fusion 4.0
“...[NetObjects] Fusion has evolved into a top-notch authoring and site management tool suitable for a broad range of developers....”

Computing Canada, June 4, 1999
NetObjects Fusion 3.0 (Mac) Speeds up Web Design
“NetObjects Fusion manages to provide a complete, fully-integrated set of page design, site management and Web site publishing tools through a remarkably effective user interface.”

Federal Computer Week, May 31, 1999
New site stages public debate on security

Windows Magazine, May 1999
Fusion 4.0 Finesses Web Development
“Bottom Line: It's never been easier to create good-looking Web sites.”

Publish, April 15, 1999
“Fusion 4.0 is as rich with features as you would expect a mature application to be, but it remains remarkably free of clutter. A well-designed interface and clearly differentiated functions put it ahead of the competition in ease of use.”

Boardwatch, April 1999
NetObjects Fusion 4.0
“It packs an enormous amount of functionality into a well-designed, logically structured application....”

Idea Cafe, April 1999
NetObjects Fusion 4.0
“For small to medium size businesses who want to do in-house web building/maintenance, Fusion 4.0 is a great program.”

PC Week Online, March 7, 1999
Fusion: Better Java capabilities, still no code
“NetObjects Inc. has improved the data and external component-linking capabilities in Fusion, its popular WYSIWYG Web site-authoring tool, making it well-suited to businesses seeking a powerful but easy-to-use tool for creating HTML.”

WinPlanet, February 3, 1999
The King is armed with some Major New Weapons!
“This package is packed with the best resources available for designing, and managing any web site, anywhere, anytime. If you haven't tried NetObjects Fusion yet, you are really missing out on one of the best-kept secrets since the stealth aircraft.”

InternetWorld, February 1, 1999
NetObjects Fusion 4.0 NetObjects Inc.
“If you're looking to build an e-commerce site now—especially if you may want to upgrade to a groupware solution later—NetObjects Fusion 4.0 should be at the top of your tools list.”

PC Week, January 11, 1999
NetObjects Fusion Builds for E-Commerce

VZine, December 1998
If you want to design, develop and deploy a large corporate site, Fusion is still one of the best WYSIWYG Web-editing packages around.



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