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Friday, April 26, 2015

NetObjects Inc. a leading provider of innovative website design software, has announced the release of NetObjects Fusion® 15. This latest version features an array of new tools and enhancements to build and maintain professional websites. Users of all skill levels can take total control of their web content and communicate with their audiences in an up-to-date and cost-effective fashion. Unlike online template builders, NetObjects Fusion provides its users with the privacy, control and ownership of their website, forever. In addition to that, website users have the portability and flexibility to choose their hosting provider, as well as build as many websites as they like, at no additional cost.

NetObjects Fusion has earned worldwide recognition as one of the fastest, easiest ways to create, manage and promote websites since 1996.

Some of NetObjects Fusion 15 latest features:

HTML 5 Form Elements

HTML5 brings major upgrades to the capabilities of websites. It is a convergence of several technologies currently used to make websites interactive. Using new HTML5 form elements you'll be able to collect more accurate information while providing your site visitors a more engaging experience.

Enhanced Support for CSS3

CSS3 brings a host of new styling capabilities to web pages. Take advantage of animating the elements of a web page, applying different effects such as gradients, shadows and many more options. This will give your website that extra sharp look and feel.

Web Fonts

Web Fonts allow you to give personality to your site's content, while making it more readable, accessible and dynamic. In the past websites were limited to a small handful of fonts. Fusion now ships with a library of high quality professionally designed web fonts. You'll also be able to grow your Fusion font library with complimentary web font downloads from NetObjects as well as any other web font provider.

Image Carousel

Use the new Image Carousel to display any collection of photos in a stunning alternative to the photo gallery. Your photos are presented full sized and with the option to automatically animate them through the collection. Visitors to your website can simply enjoy your Image Carousel and the best news is, you just drop in some pictures and it’s ready to scroll!

Windows 8 Compatible

Only “Compatible with Windows® 8” software and devices have passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on PCs running the Windows 8 operating system. “Compatible with Windows 8” products install without worry and run reliably with Windows 8.

HTML5 & CSS3 Validator

Your sites will automatically publish using industry-standard HTML5 & CSS3 specifications. NetObjects Fusion 15’s Validator will be that reliable conformance checker to ensure that your site meets and exceeds the proper specifications. Keeping up with the latest changes to web standards is a full time job, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Online View

Your dashboard for NetObjects Fusion 13 has a new look and feel. Tailored to the new design of Windows 8, Fusion 13’s Online View provides you with the look and feel of the tiled approach. Here's where you'll find a library of free resources for Fusion web designers. As a complimentary service you'll have access to additional templates, stock photography, styles, typography, tutorials and much more.

New User Interface

With a completely redesigned view, Fusion 13 has a fresh and inviting new look. This new User Interface provides an updated control board to design your new and improved website with ease and grace.

New SiteStyles

New Fusion, New SiteStyles. A SiteStyle is a collection of graphic and typographical elements you can apply to every page in your site to create its look and feel. Use pre-built styles from Fusion or custom build your own to create a look and feel right for your site. You can also select parts of multiple SiteStyles to create custom ones.

New Templates

New Templates come along with Fusion 13. A template is a fully designed page or site that you can use as a starting point for your own pages or sites. A typical template might include a banner and navigation buttons, an assigned SiteStyle, and text or other content. You can start a new site from a template or insert one into your current site.

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