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NetObjects Fusion XII continues to lead the pack in bringing the world of website design to the hands of everyone. With so many new features it’s no wonder NetObjects Fusion is still the smart way to build websites...plain and simple.

Below are the core feature of NetObjects Fusion website design software. Manage all your sites assets, design and layout your pages, and add functionality like photo galleries and e-commerce.

Website Management
New Image Processing Engine
Form Components
Windows 7 Compatibility
Mobile Templates and SiteStyles
Photo Galleries
CSS Controls

Cloud BurstNew Feature!

NetObjects Cloud Burst technology is NetObjects Fusion XII’s on-line system for delivering new SiteStyles, Web site templates, photos, images and tutorials directly to the OnlineView. One click will install these assets for immediate use.

Website Management

NetObjects Fusion is a site-oriented Web design application allowing the designer to quickly to map out the architectural structure of the Web site in an iconic, hierarchical structure, similar to an organizational chart.

New Image Processing EngineNew Feature!

NetObjects image processing engine has been re-engineered for optimal web design allowing for even more precise customization right out of the box. Design with transparencies and new updated PNG support.

Form Components

The Web Form creation tools included with NetObjects Fusion makes it easy to collect information online with no programming required. Because not all hosting platforms are the same, both PHP and ASP platforms are supported.

Windows 7 CompatibilityNew Feature!

Only “Compatible with Windows® 7” software and devices have passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on PCs running the Windows 7 operating system. “Compatible with Windows 7” products install without worry and run reliably with Windows 7.

Mobile Templates and SiteStylesNew Feature!

Targeting Smart Phones has never been easier with the Mobile Site Wizard. Quickly and easily create websites optimized for mobile devices with our three step wizard and multiple mobile templates and SiteStyles.

Photo Galleries

The Photo Gallery allows you to effortlessly put your digital photos online in minutes. Add captions, descriptions and choose from an assortment of high quality thumbnail and photo frames to create engaging Web photo albums.

CSS Controls

Take control of the look and feel of your website with CSS. NetObjects Fusion XII allows you to easily create and manage CSS 2 and 3 properties with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

SEO Improvements
Image Bank
Database Components
Modern Templates with Ajax Elements
Improved Code Generation Methods
Drag and Drop

SEO ImprovementsNew Feature!

In a continued effort to ease the implementation of SEO features NetObjects Fusion XII uses an optimized publishing arrangement that generates descriptive URL’s for search engine friendly structures automatically.

Image BankNew Feature!

The NetObjects Image Bank is your repository for image assets and stock photography images. an initial deposit was made in your NetObjects Image Bank with NetObjects owned images for your free use in your website designs.

Database Components

Web Designers now have a tool which will seamlessly support the full span of web development, from simple static websites to highly interactive, data-driven web sites with support for all commercially relevant databases and client side technologies.

Site WizardNew Feature!

In three easy steps you can create a modern Web site with high-impact visual appeal. NetObjects Fusion XII features dozens of new SiteStyles, templates with modern page layouts and mobile website templates optimized for view on Apple iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

Modern Templates with Ajax ElementsNew Feature!

Dozens of new Modern SiteStyles make creating a visually impacting website easier than ever! Each of NetObjects Fusion’s new SiteStyles have customized and skinned Ajax UI elements for ease of integration into your website without any coding knowledge required.

Improved Code Generation MethodsNew Feature!

NetObjects Fusion XII’s code generation has been streamlined and several adjustments have been made to provide cleaner code, tighter integration with newer browser standards, and modern design layouts.

Site SafeNew Feature!

NetObjects Site Safe technology protects your design assets by automatically creating a backup template of your website files. Backup templates may be stored on an external drive, network drive or published to a directory at your web host.

Drag and Drop

Pixel-perfect drag and drop design enviroment gives you complete creative control and makes adding text, images,  photos and rich media as simple as pointing and clicking.

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