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NetObjects Fusion 11 Product Update 1
RELEASE (version 11.00.0000.5012)

Download Update #1
Release Date: 09/12/2008


New Features:

  • Pressing SHIFT + CTRL + TAB while in Page View (with more than one page open) navigates backwards through the open pages.


  • Multiple Layout Region
    • Site Style now can be correctly applied to the Multiple Layout Region.
    • It is now possible to write a Parameter Value in Multiple Layout Regions.
  • Forms
    • Custom forms handlers are correctly saved as part of a template.
    • Hidden form field values can be transferred to a variable.
    • Forms Action 'Object initially visible in browser' now works correctly.
  • Component Related
    • Custom SiteStlye can now be applied to Secure Site component.
    • Secure Site Component sends e-mail to Admin at SignUp.
    • Error 600 no longer shows for Guestbook when the user chooses in their publish profile to 'Arrange Files by Flat'.
    • Web chart states now persist when opening and closing of the wizard dialog.
  • Tables
    • When 'Generate non-breaking spaces' is selected in the Table properties pane, and one of the cells includes inserted HTML code the sign for inserted HTML no longer disappears.
    • Double clicking on a table cell no longer causes the page to jump and a different cell to be selected.
    • Inserting HTML code in a table based form no longer causes corruption of the generated html.
  • Code
    • Line Feed, and Carriage Return characters now correctly applied in HTML Editor when inserted before the Head tag.
    • Fixed issue causing problems with inserted HTML which generated incorrect code.
  • Import
    • When a site is imported from NetObjects Fusion 10 pages can now be deleted without displaying any error messages.
  • Navigation Bar
    • Pages marked as "Don't Publish" are no longer shown in Navigation Bar for Semantic XHTML output.
    • When HTML Output settings are changed to Fixed Page Layout or Semantic XHTML the Navbar does not change from horizontal to vertical anymore.
    • Horizontal NavBar now centers in IE7 when Semantic XHTML output is selected.
    • NavBar is now displayed correctly in Fixed Page Layout or Semantic XHTML output.
    • Fixed issue with Semantic XHTML where some objects moved below text navbar in IE6.
    • Default Text NavBar now displays underline correclty when published.
  • Javascript
    • External Javascript files can now be imported from the assets folder.
    • Picture rollover no longer causes Javascript errors.
  • Other
    • Favorites path to a folder now works correctly.
    • No extra space added between Master Border Frames.
    • Fixed issue where the Font Type showed a different font in the Font drop down  list, Text Properties pane, and CSS pane.
    • Changed the shortcut key for full screen mode, which was in conflict with enable intellisense (Ctrl+Space). New shortcut is Alt+Enter.
    • Fixed Copy/Paste in Page > Code view.
    • NetObjects Fusion 11 no longer loses focus and is opened behind other applications.
  • Data Source
    • Data Source Button now shown correctly as an option for a Forms Edit Field.
    • XML Connector now supports URL's and Network paths.
    • Fixed issue that made Data Source object Reference to field disappear after
    • Cut/Paste or Drag and Drop
    • Texbox no longer loses Data Source content when cut/pasted in Multiple Layout Region.
    • Fixed Error and Site corruption issue which occured when a Data Source action was deleted from a Layout Region after the site had been re-optimized.
    • Fixed Data Source crash that occured after clicking on a recordset with query defined.
  • HTML Output
    • Layout Region now displays correctly in Safari browser when Semantic XHML output selected.
  • Timeline
    • Fixed an issue where is was possible for a Timeline layer to become unintentionally hidden.
    • TimeLine list of labels is no longer empty when user tries to change a TimeLine action.
  • Site Styles
    • Removed default author from the templates.
    • The note in the Style Inspector is now visible.
    • Help now displays correctly from Style View.
  • Code Editor
    • Fixed a workspace corruption issue which occurred when loading a workspace while in Code Editor view or in Preview mode.
    • Undo/Redo works correctly with code editor when Word Wrap selected.
  • GUI
    • Document Map pane can be re-opened via context menu if closed.
    • 'Overflow' property added to CSS Property Grid.
    • Page Name and Page Title now display correctly in the Grid Inspector.
    • Grid inspector now shows updated Object ID's in the Object Tree.
    • Fixed a problem with HTML code inspector losing focus when cancelling its intellisense.
    • Sending a variable using 'Parameters' field in the Link Inspector now works correctly.
    • CTRL + Z undo no longer causes 'Invalid argument..' error.

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