Creating a Default Target Frame

If you code your own frames, and one content page contains a lot of links that target the same frame, you can make that frame the default target. That way you donít have to choose a target attribute for each link. The default target for the contents of a frame that displays navigational buttons, for example, might be a frame that displays the primary content those buttons point to. Unless you add a target attribute specifying differently, all links on that page display their contents in the default frame.

  1. In Page view, open the content page to be targeted.

  2. Click the HTML button on the Layout Properties palette.

The Page HTML dialog appears.

  1. Select the Between Head Tags tab and enter:

<base target="framename">

where framename is the name of the frame as defined in the frameset file that you want to be the default target.

  1. Click OK to close the Page HTML dialog.

Create several links on the content page using the Link dialog. Don't add any HTML specifying a target frame. Preview the site and test the links. They should all display contents in the default target frame.