Working with Site Files

A NetObjects Fusion 12 site file is a relational database of information about your site. Site files have a .nod extension.

Site files are stored in a folder that has the same name you give the site. For example, if you name the site MySite, the site’s folder is called MySite, and the site file— MySite.nod—is saved inside the folder. The site folder contains an \Assets folder with the asset files used in the site, as well as a \Backups folder. Once you preview the site, a \Preview folder is added, and when you publish the site locally, a \Local Publish folder is added as long as you do not change the default local publish location.

By default your site folder is saved inside the \User Sites folder, but you can store the site in any location on your local computer. Because the paths to the assets in a site file are absolute—they include the drive and folder names—you cannot save the site file on another computer on a network. To move a site to another computer, you must export the site as a template, as described in Working with Templates.

It’s a good idea to check the size of your .nod files periodically. Some site designs may cause a sudden increase in the size of the .nod file. If this happens, choose Re-optimize from the Tools menu. This command can increase the efficiency of the open site file. For additional assistance, contact NetObjects Technical Support.