Adding a Single- or Multiple-Line Text Field

A single-line text field can accommodate just a few words, such as a name or phone number. After creating the form as described in Creating a Form:

  1. In Page view, select the Forms Edit Field tool from the Form toolbar.

  2. Draw a rectangle on the form.

The Forms Edit Field Properties panel appears.

  1. Set the Forms Edit Field properties.

This option does not create password protection to prevent site visitors from visiting certain pages. That level of protection can only be provided by scripts used by the form or by permission settings on the server itself.

  1. To add a label to the field, use the Forms Field Label tool on the Forms toolbar. See Adding Form Labels.

Select the label and the field and on the Multi-Object panel, click Align Center to make sure these objects appear correctly in the browser. To make aligning labels and fields easier, include the field and label in the same text box, or insert both objects in table cells.