Adding Rotating Pictures

You can use the Rotating Picture component to display different pictures in succession in the same place on the page. For example, you could rotate among several images that advertise new products or current sale items.

To add a rotating picture, you specify the image to display and the number of seconds to pause before displaying the next picture in the sequence. You can also assign a link to each picture.

NetObjects Fusion supports .gif and .jpg formats in components. See Choosing an Image Format.


To add pictures that rotate and set their properties:

  1. In Page view, select the Rotating Picture tool from the NOF Standard Components toolbar.

  2. Draw a box on the page to indicate where you want to place the picture.

The Rotating Picture dialog appears.

  1. To add pictures and create a series of rotating images, click the add (+) button.

  2. Click the browse button and locate the image you want to add.

  3. To display descriptive text that appears when a visitor hovers the mouse pointer over the image, add your desired text in the Alt Tag field

  4. To make the image a link, click the Link button. In the Link Target dialog, choose either an internal link to one of your site pages or enter the URL of an external site.

  5. Select the script type (DHTML or Applet) for the rotating image.

  6. To set the number of seconds each picture is displayed before moving to the next one, click the first check box in the dialog and specify the number of seconds to display each picture.

  7. Click the Randomize picture order check box to display the series of rotating images in a random sequence.

  8. To automatically resize the image to fit each visitorís browser, click the Scale picture to fit check box.

  9. Change an imageís position in sequence of the rotating picture by moving its position in the list using the up or down arrows.

  10. Click the (-) remove button to delete images from the series of rotating images.

  11. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each additional image.

  12. Click OK to close the Rotating Picture dialog.

  13. You can add an action to an object using the Actions tab. See Building Dynamic Pages.