Working with Templates

A template is a predefined set of pages and assets that you can modify to meet your needs. Templates can contain a single page, a site section, or an entire site. You can edit a template, create a new site from a template, or add a template to an existing site.

You can export your Corel Website Creator X6 site as a template so you can share your work with other Corel Website Creator X6 developers or move your site to another computer system.

Corel Website Creator X6 template files are .zip files. Zip files provide a convenient way to group and compress files. Each template .zip file contains a TemplateName.nft file and all the folders required to build a site based on the template. Do not change the content of the .zip file. Corel Website Creator X6 depends on the structure of the file to find assets when opening the template. If you try to open a .zip file that is not a Corel Website Creator X6 template file, you see a message and Corel Website Creator X6 does not open the file.

Templates created in earlier versions of Corel Website Creator X6 are .nft files. If you have templates created in an earlier version of Corel Website Creator X6, open them in Corel Website Creator X6 and export them as templates to create a template .zip file.

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