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NetObjects Announces Key Patents on Web Site Technologies

Redwood City, Calif., May 29, 2001—NetObjects (NASDAQ: NETO) today announced that it has been awarded its ninth Design patent, number D424,036,  increasing the total patents awarded by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to NetObjects to 2 Utility and 9 Design patents.

NetObjects pioneered Web site building with the creation of the first “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) product NetObjects Fusion in 1996 that set it apart from its competition. As the first to market with products and services that created the category of Web site publishing, NetObjects continues to push the envelope by providing next generation technology with remarkable ease of use for users worldwide.

“We are pleased that NetObjects continues to receive formal recognition of the unique and ground breaking technologies that have helped create Web site building, “ said Samir Arora, chairman and CEO of NetObjects. “From our founding, we have focused on building and protecting our intellectual property including patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.”

NetObjects was awarded patent 5,845,299 for its Draw-based editor for Web pages, that describes a method in which a user uses a "drag and drop" interface to add, delete, and move display elements to define the layout of a Web page. Key inventions include automatically generating an initial layout, displaying links between pages, the ability to publish the page, and automatically generating HTML yielding a true WYSIWYG page.

NetObjects was also awarded patent 5,911,145 for its Hierarchical structure editor for Web sites that describes a method for a “top-down" approach to designing Web pages. Key inventions include using a “drag and drop” interface to define the hierarchy of the site, automatically generating links between the pages, and generating HTML for the entire site.

In addition, NetObjects was awarded design patents numbers D403,673, D399,501, D399,196,  D397,687, D397,103,  D395,428, D395,427 for the unique user interface design that it has created in its products. Some of these patents were originally applied for by Rae Technology, Inc, at the founding of NetObjects, and have now been transferred to NetObjects.

NetObjects is focused on pioneering next generation technologies that bring unprecedented ease of use and productivity to users building Web sites, stores and applications. NetObjects uniquely addresses the needs of business users who are not high-end developers or designers, but who want to build cost effective and efficient Web solutions. NetObjects has a prolific user community that connects Web site builders worldwide. With over 10 Million licenses of NetObjects Fusion sold, NetObjects is the leading provider of partner bundled Web site building solutions with IBM, Dell, Earthlink and Deutsche Telekom as its key partners.

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NetObjects, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETO), an IBM affiliate (NYSE: IBM), is a leading provider of e-business solutions and services.  More information about NetObjects and its products can be found at

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