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CEO Samir Arora

Web Innovator of the Year
CNET's BUILDER.COM recognized Arora as someone who has "helped shape the Web and changed the rules for site developers."

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IIA´s Entrepreneur of the Year:
Samir AroraChairman CEO and Founder

Samir Arora, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of NetObjects, was named 1997 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Information Industry Association's Emerging Business Council. This prestigious award honors an individual who has created or implemented a particularly innovative product or service, and in doing so has caused his or her company to become recognized as an industry pacesetter.

"We on the Emerging Business Council (EBC) awards committee were very impressed with the development of NetObjects.," said Tony Hall, VP of Sales for IsoQuest and chair of the EBC Awards Committee. "Under the direction of Samir Arora, and in less than two years, NetObjects has captured the rapidly emerging market of business-to-business publishing on the Internet. Samir Arora has demonstrated the qualities of strategic planning, drive, and execution that characterize the outstanding entrepreneur. He has achieved this in the field of publishing technology, a critically important area for the members of the IIA. He was the outstanding candidate for the award."

Arora was presented with the award on October 7, 1997, during IIA's Annual Conference in San Francisco, California.



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